Fake Nails Adhesive: The Secret to Beauty and Durability

In the beauty world, nails are an important way to reflect one’s style and personality. Whether you prefer elegance in daily life or want to create eye-catching nails for a special event, fake nails offer the perfect solution. However, choosing the right adhesive is of great importance to ensure that the fake nails are safe and long-lasting. Here’s everything you need to know about the world of fake nail adhesives!

What is Fake Nail Adhesive?

Fake nail adhesives are a special type of adhesive used to securely adhere artificial nails to your natural nails. These adhesives are generally known for their fast drying properties and ensure that the nails are durable for a long time. They are available in a variety of formulas and application methods, allowing users to choose the product that best suits their needs.

Types of Fake Nail Adhesives

Brush Tip Adhesives: These adhesives are designed like a nail polish bottle and are super easy to apply. Brush tip adhesives ensure that the adhesive is applied evenly to the nail.

Tube Adhesives: These adhesives, sold in small tubes, can be applied directly to the nail. These types of adhesives generally have a denser formula and provide longer durability.

Adhesive Strips: Although less common, adhesive strips can also be used to adhere fake nails. These strips are used by pressing on the artificial nail after being placed on the nail.

Things to Consider When Choosing Fake Nail Adhesive

Durability: It is important to check how long the adhesive you will use is durable. Determining whether you will use it for daily use or for a special event can help you choose the right adhesive.

Drying Time: Fast-drying adhesives make your job easier when you are in a hurry. However, adhesives that take longer to dry generally provide a stronger hold.

Suitability for Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, you should choose formulas that are hypoallergenic and do not harm the skin.

Ease of Application: Ease of use is also an important factor. Brush tip adhesives are generally easier to apply, while tube adhesives provide a more intense hold.

Using Fake Nail Adhesive

Here are the steps to consider when using fake nail glue:

Preparation: Clean and dry your natural nails. Keeping the surface of your nails oil-free and smooth ensures that the adhesive adheres better.

Application: Apply the adhesive evenly to the inner surface of the fake nail. Using too much adhesive may cause it to overflow under the nail and cause adhesive residue to form.

Placement: Carefully place the fake nail onto your natural nail and press and hold for a few seconds. This ensures complete adhesion of the adhesive.

Maintenance: To ensure long-lasting use of your fake nails, check them regularly and add glue when necessary. Also, avoid overexerting your nails.

Removing Fake Nails Adhesive

You should be careful when removing fake nails. Here are the steps to safely remove fake nail glue:

Softening: Soften the glue by dipping your nails in a bowl of warm water and a little acetone. This will allow the glue to dissolve and the nail to come off easily.

Removal: Remove the fake nails by gently lifting them off. It is important not to rush to avoid damaging your nails.

Cleaning: Clean your natural nails and apply moisturizer. This helps your nails stay healthy.

Advantages of Fake Nail Adhesive

Easy Application: Fake nail adhesives make your nails ready in a short time.

Long-term Durability: A quality adhesive ensures that your nails are durable for days or even weeks.

Diversity: With different formulas and application methods, an adhesive can be found to suit everyone’s needs.


Fake nail adhesives play an important role in your beauty routine. Choosing the right adhesive increases both the aesthetic appearance and durability of your fake nails. With its wide product range and solutions for different needs, fake nail adhesives are the perfect helper to complete your elegance. While beautifying your nails, do not forget to choose the right glue to protect their health!

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